Awesome Admin: Lightning Challenge – Day 3

Challenge: Create a new custom calendar in Lightning Calendar

In lightning experience anyone can create a calendar from a standard or custom object by choosing a date field representing data they want to track. The calendar displays data in that field as calendar items.

Sample Solution: Create an Custom Opportunity Calendar

  1. Select Calendar from the Toolbarlex_sales_tabs
  2. Click the gear next to My Calendars and Select New Calendar.lex_calendar
  3. Choose an object to base the calendar on.lex_oppty_calendar
  4. Complete the fields on the Create Calendar setup popup.
  5. Date Type Considerations:
    1. If you select a (Date) field, the calendar displays items across the top (as all-day items).
    2. If you select a (Date/Time) field in Field for Start, the calendar displays items in time slots. If you also select a field in Field for End (it’s optional) and the items’ duration exceeds 24 hours, the calendar displays the items across the top (as all-day items).
  6. Challenge Calendarday3_challenge_calendar


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