Awesome Admin: Lightning Challenge – Day 4

Challenge: Convert a Classic App to Lightning and select your branding and logo

Classic Salesforce Apps will work in Lightning Experience, however, you should upgrading them to take advantage of custom branding and the enhanced navigation features.

Sample Solution:


  1. From Setup, search APP in the Quick Find box.
  2. Find the classic app you want to update in the list.
  3. Click the down arrow next to the app and select Upgrade.
    1. Rename if needed.
  4. Click Upgrade.


  1. Edit the App you just saved
    1. Add a Description
      1. NOTE: It not really for you … it is for your users and the next admin sitting in your seat.
  2. Upload an Image (Animated Gif will work here)
  3. Add the APP’s branding color (Hex Values)