Awesome Admin: Lightning Challenge – Day 5

Challenge: Customize a standard or custom record page using Standard Lightning Components

Sample Solution: Create a Custom Lightning Record Page

  • Setup
  • Enter App Builder in the Quick Find box,
  • Screen 1
    • Select Lightning App Builder.
    • Click New.
    • Select Record Page
    • Click Next


  • Screen 2
    • Choose the Header, Subheader, Two Columns template


  • Screen 3
    • Name your page New Account Page – Awesome Admin Accounts PL.
    • Select Account.
    • Click Finish.


  • When Finished your screen should look like this
  • day5_challenge_step4NOTICE: Custom Components do not appear since we have not deployed Salesforce’s MY DOMAIN settings,
  • Standard components available for account record pages are located in the components pane (Upper half of left sidebar)
    • Drag the Highlights Panel component into the top region of the page.
      • Highlight section provide the most basic information about an account.
    • Drag the Report Chart to the middle region of the page.
      • Section the report in the report details pane.
      • Select how the report will be associated with the record.
      • Note: This component requires a valid lightning report with a chart.
    • Drag a Tabs component to the Lower Left region.
      • In the Tabs component details pane
        • Click Add Tab.
          • Add News Tab:
            • Click the second Details tab  and from the Tab Label drop-down menu, select Custom, and give the tab a new label: News.
            • Click Done
            • Drag the News tab to the top of the Tabs list in the properties pane.
            • Add a News component to the News tab.
          • Update Details Tab
            • Move Details to the second item on the list
            • Add a Record Detail Component to the Details tab.
          • Update Related Tab
            • Add Related Lists component to the Related tab
    • Create an Activity pane to the Lower Right region.
      • Add Activities component to the Activity Pane
    • Click Save
    • Activate.

Final Result:


Source Resource:

Building a Custom Record Page for Lightning Experience