Awesome Admin: Lightning Challenge – Day 6

Challenge: Customize a standard or custom record page using Standard Lightning Components

Sample Solution: Create a Custom Lightning Home Page

  • Setup
  • Enter App Builder in the Quick Find box,
    • Screen 1
      • Select Lightning App Builder.
      • Click New.
      • Select Home Page
      • Click Next
    • Screen 2
      • Select Standard Home Screen
      • Click Next
    • Screen 3
      • Name your home page.
      • Click Finish
  • Add the components your new Home Page
    • Top Right Region:
      • Drag Upcoming Events to the top right region.
      • Drag Today’s Tasks below the events in the top  right region.
      • Drag Assistant below Tasks in the top right region.
    • Top Left Region
      • Drag News to the top left region
      • Drag Chatter Publisher below News in the top left region
    • Lower Left Region
      • Drag a Report Chart to the lower left region
      • Drag Quarterly Performance to the lower right region.
  • Click Save
  • When the page saves, the activation dialog box will appear.
    • Click Activate


  • Assign Your Custom Home Page to a Profile
    • When activating a Home page, you have two options:
      • Default for everyone,
      • Assign to one or more profiles


  • Select Assign this Home page to specific profiles
    • click Next.
    • Find and Select  the System Administrator profile in the list of profile
    • Click Next
    • Review the assignment
    • Click Activate


Preview the new Custom Lightning Home Page:


Trailhead Resource:

Building a Custom Home Page for Lightning Experience