Awesome Admin: Lightning Challenge – Day 8

Challenge:Create a new Lightning Dashboard

A picture is worth a thousand words. Dashboards provide an at-a-glance summary of key metrics. Lightning dashboards provide a creative and modern way to visualize data in a meaningful way.

Sample Solution:

  • Click Dashboards
  • Clicking New Dashboard to launch the drag-and-drop dashboard builder.
  • Enter a Name for your dashboard
  • Click Create.
    Dashboard editor

    Resource:Visualizing Your Data with the Lightning Dashboard Builder

  • Clicking +Add [1] to insert a new component on the dashboard.
  • Select a source Report to provide data for the dashboard component.
    • Note: Data is displayed based on the user who created the dashboard.
  • The component can be edited [2], re-positioned [3], resized anywhere on the builder [4].
    • Chart Types:
      • Bar Charts (Horizontal or Vertical)
      • Stacked Charts (Horizontal or Vertical)
      • Line Chart
      • Donut Chart
      • Gauge
      • Table
      • Metric
  • Each chart can be configured within the edit component popup using specific criteria. The available criteria differs based on chart type.
    • Titles, Subtitles and Footers
    • Data Dimensions
    • How data is Sorting
    • Max Values to display
    • Axis Data Sources
    • Stack by Field
  • Add charts as need to communicate what is needed.
  • Click Save
  • Click Done