Associating Holidays With Business Hours

There are two ways to associate business hours and holidays.

Method 1 – Associate Business Hours Via Holidays

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Holidays.
  2. Click on the holiday from the Holidays list
  3. It will open the Holidays detail page.
  4. Click on Add/Remove from the Business Hours list.
  5. In addition, add any Business Hours as per your needs.

Method 2 – Associate Holidays Via Business Hours

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Business hours.
  2. Click on the Business Hours option from the available list:
  3. It will open Business Hours detail page.
  4. From the Holidays list, click on the Add/Remove button.
  5. It will redirect you to the next screen where you can associate the current business hours with multiple holidays: