Reassigning Email to Case to User who Forwarded Case to Salesforce

Business Use Case

Bobby DoRight is working as a System administrator at Skeletonforce.  He receives a request to have Cases created using from emails automatically assigned to the user who forwarded the email from outlook.At Skeletonforce, end users receives support emails directly from their clients in Outlook.

If Bob was follow the instructions in “Set Up Create Case for Salesforce for Outlook Users”, Bob would need to create individual Email to Case routing addresses for each user. He would then group 10 Email-to-Case destinations into functional group and assign them through Outlook Configurations. Users then select their name from the CREATE CASE button in outlook. This is confusing for the end user and a maintenance nightmare for Bob to keep track of. … there has to be an easier way.


Luckily for Bob, Salesforce stores the From Address for all Cases created from email. This stored information along with PROCESS BUILDERS and FLOWS will allow Bob to automatically reassign cases based matching the from email address with a user’s email address.

Objects & Fields Used

Object Fields
Users Id
Users Email
Case Id
Case OwnerId
Email FromAddress
Email ParentId

Process Builder

Settings Reference Image
Object Case (Create and Edit)
Criteria Specify Specific Recordtype and or Queue ownership




Scheduled Actions

0 hours after last modified date

Trigger Flow

– Pass Case.Id to varCaseId






Settings  Object  Criteria Reference Image
Fast Lookup Email Emails with Case Id


Decision HasEmail sobjEmail is not null



Fast Lookup User User with matching email

** Not really needed


Assignment Case case.ownerid equals


Fast Update Case


## Testing

Test in a sandbox, not in Production.

Not using Salesforce for Outlook … You can user Microsoft Outlook – Quick Steps
Quick Steps is a feature in Microsoft Outlook 2010 that applies multiple actions at the same time to email messages. This will allow you to send email to a specific email address, say a routing addrrsss, with a single click.
Automate common or repetitive tasks with Quick Steps – Outlook

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