#Be A Builder – Awesome Admin Sweepstakes

If you are involved in the Salesforce community, you are aware that Salesforce promotes lifelong learning of its platform as services. The new #BE A BUILDER sweepstakes is another example of their dedication to get the community involved and learning.

BeABuilder – A 10-day learning adventure where admins  build a business app from start to finish.

Salesforce has broken down the app building process into 10 steps. Each day a new step will be revealed .

Day Name Key Features Resources
Identify the Problem
  1. Understand how users use Salesforce
  2. Know your business inside and out
  3. Identify manual processes
Gather Requirements
  1. Identify Stakeholders
  2. Real Requirements (Ask WHY)
    1. Pain Points
    2. Current Process
    3. Future Process
  3. Understand Data Requirements
    1. How is the data going to be used
Build a Data Model
  1. Write down data to capture and report on
  2. Consider existing objects
  3. Define how object relate
Design awesome UX
  1. Think about feature
  2. Make it Intuitive
  3. Incorporate Best Practices
  4. Leverage Lightning App Builder
Ensure Great Data
  • App is only as good as its data
  • Prevent user errors by
  • reduce manual input
  • Incorporate validation rules
  • Enforce data process
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Define Permissions
  • Grant users access to new custom app
  • Define app access for project app with custom profile
  • Add access to other types of users using permission set
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  • Use automation to reduce manual data entry, create reminders and save time
  • Consider the automation funnel when choosing the right automation tool
  • Process builder is always first consideration
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Leverage AppExchange & Components
  • First Customize with standard components
  • Explore and Install AppExchange components
  • Build Custom lightning Components to address your customization needs
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Create reports & dashboards
  • Build reusable custom report to feed all your dashboard components #OneReportToRuleEmAll
  • Enable Dashboard feed for collaboration and optimization
  • View and refine important data with filters
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Make It Mobile
  • Your data model, user experience, and reporting is available on mobile
  • Enhance the mobile experience with actions
  • Customize the mobile experience with branding
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