#Be A Builder – Gather Requirements

Gathering Requirements

  1. Identify Key Stakeholders
    1. Sales reps
    2. Astro designers
    3. Project Managers
  2. Ask Key Questions:
    1. What are your pain points?
      1. Spreadsheet information gets lost in email
      2. Don’t know who updates what
      3. Unclear what the timelines are
    2. What is the current process?
      1. Sales Rep
        1. Make Sale
        2. Fills out spreadsheet
        3. Send completed spreadsheet to project manager
      2. Project Manager
        1. Assigns a designer
        2. Assigns a production team
        3. Schedules meeting with team
        4. Meets with Team
          1. Outcome – Timeline Defined
        5. Email sales rep Timeline
      3. Sales Rep
        1. Emails/Phones customer with updates
      4. Project Team begins work
    3. Who is involved? Who is affected?
      1. Sales rep,
      2. Designer,
      3. Production team,
      4. Project manager
    4. How is the spreadsheet being used?
      1. To collect and share vital information
    5. What does the future look like? How can you plan ahead?
      1. We may start making cloudys and codeys (they have a different production process)
  3. Determine data that needs to be collected
    1. Leadership wants to know:
      1. how long projects take,
      2. how many projects we complete in a quarter,
      3. success rate,
      4. trends in Astro plushy orders.
    2. Data helps the business see understand:
      1. Project capacity,
      2. Employee performance,
      3. The popularity of plushy orders.
    3. Possible data to track:
      1. Project start date
      2. Project end date
      3. Team Roles
      4. Description of project
      5. Pictures or mockups of Astro designs
      6. Project status