#Be A Builder – Identify the Problem

“The first step of the app building journey is to identify the problem.”

USE CASE: Astro Nomica – A custom plushy astro manufacture, uses Salesforce for their sales team. Unfortunately, once the sale is completed they rely on Email and Spreadsheets to share information. Project Manager then send the data to the development team

  • Sample Spreadsheet Data
    • How many units
    • Size
    • Design
    • Customer
    • Status Updates

Lets build an app to replace the manual process of emailing the spreadsheets to the team

  • What is in Salesforce
    • Step 1 – Talk to your Sales team to see how they are using Salesforce.
    • Step 2 – What are the processes they are tracking in Salesforce.
  • What is not in Salesforce – The Messy Part
    • Emails and spreadsheets
      • What processes are tracked
      • What is the data
      • Who is the audience

ASTRO NOMICAL need our help!