#Be A Builder – Accurate Data

Ensuring the app maintain accurate data

“App is only as good as its Data”

Increase data quality by reducing manual data entry, surfacing data automatically and to make reporting easier.

  1. New Fields
    1. Account Number (Formula Field)
      1. Purpose
        1. Reduce manually entered and error prone data
    2. Project Health
      1. Purpose
        1. Data Consistency
        2. More intuitive reporting
      2.  Values
        1. Red – Business Stopping
        2. Yellow – Need Assistance
        3. Green – On Track
  2. Validation Rules
    1. Enforce users will meet business expectations and process
      1. Status Updates
        1. Purpose
          1. Enforce user can only update project status descriptions from when the project changes status
        2. Formula
          1. AND(
            ISPICKVAL(Status__c, “In Progress”)
        3. Error Message
          1. Please add a description if you are going to start working on this project