#Be A Builder – Creating Reports and Dashboards


Key Takeaways:

  • Build reusable custom report to feed all your dashboard components #OneReportToRuleEmAll
  • Enable Dashboard feed for collaboration and optimization
  • View and refine important data with filters

Day 9: Create Reports and Dashboards:

  1. Understand the business problem you are trying to solve
    1. Meet with Stakeholders
    2. Understand what is important to the managers
  2. Creating one report to rule them all
    1. Reduce maintenance
    2. One data source to track down
  3. One dashboard to can be used for many solutions
    1. Key KPI’s components should appear at the top
    2. Customize components to meet individual group needs
    3. Start with many components with the same data presented in different ways
    4. Add Filters
      1. Time
      2. Geographical location
  4. Get feedback from Users using Feed
    1. Fine tune with Users
      1. Surveys