#Be A Builder – Leverage AppExchange & Components

Key Takeaways

  • First Customize with standard components
  • Explore and Install AppExchange components
  • Build Custom lightning Components to address your customization needs

Day 8 – Leverage AppExchange & Components

Start with the components that are already available

  • Path
  • Rich Text Field
  • Conditionally show hide
  • Related Record
  • Report Charts

Next Review the AppExchange for apps that add functionality to fulfill the applications business requirements

  1. Define what functionality the AppExchange app need to accomplish
  2. Install into a developer org to review how the application interacts with core Salesforce components.
    1. Pay particular attention to how the app is going to interact with your app.
    2. Determine any changes needed to work within your app.
    3. Measure the amount of work/changes needed against the functionality gain to  determine of the AppExchange app is worth installing.

Exploring building custom components if you cannot find a suitable app on the AppExchange