Associating Holidays With Business Hours

There are two ways to associate business hours and holidays.

Method 1 – Associate Business Hours Via Holidays

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Holidays.
  2. Click on the holiday from the Holidays list
  3. It will open the Holidays detail page.
  4. Click on Add/Remove from the Business Hours list.
  5. In addition, add any Business Hours as per your needs.

Method 2 – Associate Holidays Via Business Hours

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Business hours.
  2. Click on the Business Hours option from the available list:
  3. It will open Business Hours detail page.
  4. From the Holidays list, click on the Add/Remove button.
  5. It will redirect you to the next screen where you can associate the current business hours with multiple holidays:

Set Up Support Holidays in Salesforce.

Use Case:

Holidays let you specify the dates and times your customer support team is unavailable. After you create a holiday, you can associate it with business hours to suspend business hours and escalation rules during holiday dates and times. (Set Up Support Holidays)


There are a few guidelines to keep in mind as you set up and work with holidays. (Guidelines for Creating Support Holidays)

  • Each set of business hours can associate up to 1000 holidays.
  • Holidays automatically acquire the time zone of the business hours with which they are associated.
  • You can only add business hours marked as Active to holidays.
  • Holiday names don’t need to be unique.
  • Currently, report results do not take holidays into account.
  • If you schedule a holiday to recur on a specific day of every month, the holiday will only recur on months that have that specific day.
  • Holidays that fall on a weekend
  • All users can view holidays via the API.

Setting up the holiday settings

To set up the holiday settings for your organization, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Holidays 
    or From Setup, enter Holidays in the Quick Find box, then select Holidays.
  1. Click on the New button or click Clone next to the name of an elapsed holiday .
    New Holiday.PNG
  1. Enter the following fields
    1. Holiday Name,
    2. Description,
    3. Date,
    4. Time fields.
    5. Recurring Holiday checkbox
      1. Frequency,
      2. Start Date,
      3. End Date fields
        Recurring Holiday.PNG
  2. Click on Save